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Ladies of the Pointe Golf League

Welcome to the Ladies of the Pointe Golf (LOP) League. Membership is open to any woman member in good standing of Compass Pointe Golf Club with current golfing privileges. There are two groups within the league – an 18-hole group and a 9-hole group.  All players must have an established United States Golf Association (USGA) Handicap Index. League membership extends from March 1 of each year through the end of February the following year.
The official playing season runs from April through October. League play is every Thursday. League members receive an email invitation to play from the Pro Shop each week on Thursday which must be replied to by noon on Saturday. The Pro Shop will then send out the pairings by the Wednesday preceding play.

For details and more information, please click the links below.

Net Double Bogey
Goodbye, 10 Stroke Max Per Hole & Welcome to Double Net Bogey. 

GHIN drops everyone to that result when you enter your scores, so the Board decided to use it as well.  Our pace of play will increase, which is a big advantage!

Two goals:

  1. Understand how to access a course handicap, which will vary from course to course and potentially day to day.‚Äč

  2. Understand your max score based on Double Net Bogey. When you hit that number, PICK UP YOUR BALL, you don't have to keep going-and shouldn't keep going.

Double Net Bogey is simple:
                PAR on the hole
                PLUS your “DOTS”
                PLUS 2
Yes, there will be golfers in our League who could still take a 10 on the par 5’s, but only on par 5’s.
In order not to “cherry pick” attendees, everyone must show they can calculate this. 
·         To find the course handicap, go to the GHIN main page. (
·         Hit the “handicap calculator” button.
·         If CP doesn’t pop up, select “Nearby” and it should.
·         Select 18 holes and Tee’s.
·         The number below C.H. is your course handicap!